The Journal of Anthrozoology

2011年4月27日 Posted in ジャーナル発行

-Official Journal of The Educational Research Center for Anthrozoology-

The Journal of Anthrozoology is published on behalf of The Educatioanal Research Center for Anthrozoology. The key premise of the Journal of Anthrozoology is to focus the characteristics and consequences of interactions and relationships between people and animals across fields as varied as anthropology, ethology, medicine, psychology, veterinary medicine and zoology. Articles therefore cover the wide range of anthrozoology, from thier treatment in the arts and humanities through to behavioral, biological, social and health science.


* Mitsuaki Ohta, D.V.M. PhD

Associate Editors

* Dennis C. Turner, ScD
* Lynette A. Hart, PhD
* James A. Serpell, PhD

Full details on the journal, including guidelines on how to format and submit a manuscript, can be found on the document of PDF file (45k).

>>Journal of Anthrozoology.pdf